Mindful Education
For Today's School

Tools for managing academic and social pressure

The Impact


Academic Performance

Students face a deficit determining educational system with constant pressure to perform.  A simple breath before entering the classroom can give students the leverage to succeed.  Research demonstrates that mindfulness can help students manage test anxiety and perform more effectively on assessment.


Social/Emotional Well-Being

Noticing what you are feeling when you are feeling gives us very powerful leverage to respond to life's challenges.  More important than what we learn in a book, is what we can learn about ourselves by simply bringing our attention to our experience.  When we spend time experiencing our experience, we arrive at the understanding that doing good feels good, encouraging us to do better.


Joshua Reitzenstein - Mindfulness Mentor

  When Joshua first stepped into the classroom as a middle school special education instructor 7 years ago, he realized he needed to develop skills to help him manage the stress of the school environment.  A licensed Kundalini Yoga teacher, and mindfulness practitioner, Joshua's spiritual journey to become the best educator for his students has equipped him with a diverse tool box that he has passionately pioneered in the public school setting.

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